4 Wind Door Guard

(Korean: Jujak; Chinese: Zhu Que)
Zhu Que Bird is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. According to Wu Xing, Tao-five element system, representing the fire element, towards the south, summer. So sometimes called the Vermilion Bird of South and is also known as Jujak Suzaku in Japan and in Korea. This is often mistaken for Fenghuang because of the similarity in appearance, but two different beings. Fenghuang is the king of birds, while the Vermilion Bird is a mythological spirit creature of the Chinese constellations

Suzaku bird that is elegant and noble bird both in appearance and behavior, is very selective in what you eat and perch, with the feathers in various colors from orange-red.
Suzaku myths often associated with Phoenix because of their association with fire.

(Korean: ChungRyong; Chinese: Qing Long)

Seiryu is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. Sometimes called the Azure Dragon of the East, and known as Cheongryong Seiryuu in Japan and in Korea. It represents the eastern and spring. According to Wu Xing, Seiryu berelemen wood (Wood). Do not be fooled by the yellow dragon myths associated with the Emperor of China.

In Japan, the Azure Dragon (Seiryuu) is one of the four guardian spirits are said to protect the city and the city of Kyoto in the east. Protected by the Western White Tiger, on the north protected by the Black Tortoise, the south is protected by the Vermilion Bird, and the center is protected by the Yellow Dragon. In Kyoto there are temples for each of the guardian spirit. The Azure Dragon is represented at the Kiyomizu Temple in eastern Kyoto. Before the temple entrance there is the statue of a dragon which is said to drink from the waterfall within the temple complex at night. Therefore each year held a ceremony to worship the dragon of the east.

In Japan, blue dragon is one of the four guardian spirits cities and states that protect the city of Kyoto in the east. West is protected by Byakko, Genbu north and south by Suzaku.

In Kyoto there are temples for each of the guardian spirit. Kiyomizu Temple is a blue dragon. Before entering the temple is a statue of a dragon, which is said to be drinking in the middle of the night from a source inside the temple complex. Then gathered at a ceremony to worship the dragon of the east.

(Korean: Baekho; Chinese: Bai Xi Fang Hǔ)
White Tiger is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. This is sometimes called the Western White Tiger, and is known as Baekho Byakko in Japan and in Korea. It represents the west and autumn, and elements of iron.

During the Han Dynasty, people believed that the tiger became king of all beasts. Legend tells us that when a tiger reached 500 years, its tail will be white. In this way, the white tiger became a kind of mythological creature. It is said that a white tiger appears only when the emperor ruled with absolute virtue, or if there is peace throughout the world. Since the white color of the Chinese five elements also represent the west, a white tiger with western mythology as a trustee.
In the Book of Tang, who is the reincarnation of Li Luo Cheng Byakko and Seiryu reincarnation is said to be a rebel named Xiongxin. They both are brothers swear on Shubao Qin, Cheng Zhijie and Yuchi Jingde. Their souls after death the body is said to have a new hero of the Tang Dynasty and the Liao Dynasty, and He Xue Rengui Suwen

In some legends from the Tang Dynasty, Xue Rengui he said as the reincarnation of Byakko, and mortal enemy, prince of the Liao Dynasty Suwen She is the reincarnation of Seiryu.

(Korean: Hyunmoo; Chinese: Xuan wǔ)
Black turtles from the North or the Shadow Warrior is one of the four cardinal points and the Chinese zodiac animal totem. It is also one of four fantastic animals from the theory of four elements. Genbu representing the North and is associated with water.

His Chinese name consists of Xuan, "vague" and wǔ, "fighters", referring to the armor shell. Also called "turtle-snake", is usually depicted as a turtle that wrapped the snake around. The realization of this could be the origin myth claiming that the turtle man often powerless, bringing together women with snakes. This belief is contradictory symbolism behind the sacred animal since ancient times because of re-representation of the universe, sometimes immoral.
Black sea turtle is the largest of the animal totem astrology for the rules of the northern quarter of the zodiac which is the polar star, the axis of the sky and constellations that govern the birth, death and longevity.

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