Noah Ship Found in Turkey

Ark (ship) Noah has long been a controversy in the archaeological world. History records that God commanded Noah to make an ark because God intends to rain very heavily to the earth. The Bible tells us that Noah obeyed the order and at exactly the appointed time God, it is a very heavy rain descended to earth and sink all the creatures living there. Noah and his family and the animals that diselamatkannya then float the Ark together. The Bible then tells us that the Ark was stranded on the peak of Mount Ararat.

Sourced from the Bible story was later the subject of warm discussion among historians and archaeologists. There are parties that support that these stories are real, namunada also considered merely a tale from the Bible. However, the debate has now ended with the discovery of scientific evidence relating to the story. The remains of the Ark was first discovered by an army captain of the Turkish military. He found it by accident when researching photographs of the mountainous region of Ararat. Then to confirm these findings, diundanglah archaeologists from the United States to examine their validity.

On a scientific expedition which was then carried out at an altitude of 7000 feet, about 20 miles south of Mount Ararat summit, they found a ship along approximately 500 feet that has been petrified. Measurements are then performed on these objects to produce an astonishing conclusion that, because of the length, width and height arkelogi invention is exactly the same size Noah's ark, as listed in the Bible. Currently, the location of the discovery of the Ark has become a tourist attraction that can be visited by everyone.

                       BIBLE CAN REALLY TRUSTED!

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