Horned Grandma appalling china

CHINA (SuaraMedia News) - In his old age has advanced, Zhang Ruifang, should be able to enjoy life with happiness. Unfortunately, women who live in Linlou Village, Henan Province, China, in fact been confused because of horns or antlers that grow along the six inches on his left forehead. Zhang Ruifang, 101-year-old grandmother origin Linlou Village, Henan Province, China damaged the center of attention because of growing horns on his left forehead.

Black horn along the 2.4-inch or six inches in one year grew only in the left forehead Zhang Ruifang. Meanwhile, on the forehead right there appeared signs of a similar horn.

Not only surprised, the grandmother's family is also worried. His youngest son, Zhang Guozheng (60), admitted to not pay attention to rough skin that grows on the forehead of her mother a year ago. Zhang Gouzheng and six siblings getting worried because there was a small bulge on the right side of their mother's forehead. "Do-not it is going the other horns," added Guozheng.

"But even more strange for long, suddenly there are horns on the forehead of my mother, until the size of six inches," he said, as reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday, March 10, 2010.
Cause unclear Zhang Ruifang horns on their foreheads. But it was allegedly due to thickening of the skin.

Cells that form the horn was suspected to be a keratin, the same cells that make up human hair and nails. While the animal, the skin keratin forming section and horns.
Although elderly, Zhang Ruifang still active. He was able to walk though assisted stick. He also still can enjoy his favorite meal with a delicious, such as fried chicken thigh.

Zhang Ruifang had seven children, six men is a woman. 82-year-old eldest child.

Zhang Ruifang families living in rural areas and had no money to take him to the hospital. However, they said, horn Rufang Zhang did not make him sick, the grandmother was still able to enjoy his old age in peace.
Hard skin bumps that appeared late last year. The growth is fast enough, next thing I knew was long and resemble horns. This made her family worry.
Zhang Guozheng, 60, one child's grandmother said Zhang, when pieces of rough skin on the forehead of her mother began looking late last year, they're not too bothered. They think it's just skin condition of an aging grandmother Zhang.
Till now not known what the bulge in the forehead Granny Zhang.
The emergence of bumps on the skin was not uncommon. Usually only a few millimeters long. But there's nothing like Grandma's Zhang.
Bulge like this sometimes grows in the skin of elderly people, especially those who have affected the history of high sun exposure. But cases like Granny Zhang extremely rare.
Experienced the most cases of parents aged between 60 to mid 70 years. Not infrequently these bumps turn into cancer tissue. In some cases only a soft tissue bulge that is not dangerous.
Cases of skin bumps most often found are warts, skin cancer, scaly skin, which occurs due to too much exposure to sunlight. Usually on the face, scalp and forearm.
Skin bumps will be removed through surgery. But until now there is still no cure for it. This means that this bulge could grow back.

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