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Ageless: The Beauty of Xiaohe      Ageless: Xiaohe, which is expected around 3800 years old and one of the most perfectly preserved mummies ever found, found along the ancient "Silk Road" trade route Asia.ribuan years after his death, in a form that is still perfectly intact even eyelashes . This mummy exhibit at the Agen on Saturday, March 27, at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California. 
What Makes a Mummy?
A mummified human heads, is regarded as the oldest examples of mummification in about 6000 years old, discovered in 1936. In Egypt, dates back to around 3300 mummifaction BC. In Egypt, Here, a man opened the coffin from the 26th Dynasty at Saqqara, Egypt.
Photo: Keystone / Getty Images Photo: Keystone / Getty Images 1 月 01, 1920
Perils of the Silk Road
This baby mummy, believed to have come from around the eighth century BCE (Before the Christian Era). Photo: Courtesy of Wang Da-Gang March 9, 2010 Photo: Keystone / Getty Images
Death of a King
an Egyptian mummy given salty substances, is used to dry the skin before a body in pakaiankan cloth with oil during the ceremony. These mummies come from the 17th dynasty of pharaohs, when the trophy at the Museum of Cairo, Egypt. This photo shows the two puncture marks spear believed to cause his death in battle.
Photo: Getty Images, April 1, 2006, Photo: Courtesy of Wang Da-Gang March 9, 2010.
Unwrapping the Past
Unwrapped mummy, Dr. Rosalie David of Manchester Universit, still well preserved mummy of a girl estimated to die around 2000 years ago at about age 15.
Photo: John Madden / Getty Images June 11, 1975
A Big Pull in Egypt
In 1998, an archaeological team led by professor of French Dunand Finding 60 mummies from around 50 in the Ain Labakha Tomb, the Roman fort in southwestern Egypt, including the mummy of a 10-year-old girl
Photo: Françoise DUNAND / AFP March 19, 1998

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