A Child of the World for 6 Minutes Silence

This story talks about a kid who named Severn Suzuki, a problem child at the age of 9 years has established the Environmental Children's Organization (ECO).

ECO itself is a small group of children who dedicate themselves to study and teach the child "the other on environmental issues.

And they are invited to attend the United Nations Environment Conference, at which time 12 year-old Severn gave a powerful speech which gave a major influence (and silenced) some prominent world leaders.

What's delivered by a small child her age 12 years until he could make the UN MEETING ROOM silence, then finished his speech during a courtroom filled with prominent people who stood up and gave rousing applause to the child who was 12 years old.

This is the contents of the speech: (Source: The College Foundation)

Hello, My name Severn Suzuki speaking for ECO - Environmental
Children Organization
We are a group of Canada which consists of children aged 12
and 13 years, who tried to make a difference: Vanessa Suttie, Morgan,
Geister, Michelle Quiq and myself. We raise funds for
could come here as far as 6000 miles to tell you
all adults you must change your ways today in
here, too. I have no hidden agenda. I want
a future for myself only.

Losing the future is not the same as losing the general election
or losses in the stock market. I am here to speak for
all generations to come.

I am here representing the starving children around the world
whose cries go unheard.

I am here to speak for the animals dying
countless across this planet because of loss
habitat. We should not not be heard.

I am afraid to be in the sun because
holes in ozone. I am afraid to breathe because
I do not know what chemicals are carried by air.

I used to go fishing in Vancouver with my dad until a few
years ago we found the fish full of cancers.
And now we hear that animals and plants
going extinct every day - vanishing forever.

In my life, I have a dream to see a large collection
wild animals, jungles and tropical forests full of
birds and butterflies. But now I do not know if these things
it even still there to be seen by my children.

Do you all have to worry about these little problems
when you are all still the same old serperti me now?

All this happened in front of us and yet we still
act as if we still have a lot of time and all
solution. I'm only a child and I do not have
all the solutions. But I want you to realize
you all also the same as me!

You do not know how to fix the holes in our ozone layer.
You do not know how you can restore these fish to the river salmon
You do not know how to bring back an animal which

And you can not restore the forests to normal in
place, which is now just a desert. If you do not
know how to fix. Please stop destroying it!

Here you are your country delegations. Businessman, member
organizers, reporters or politicians - but in fact you are
father and mother, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts
- And you all are children of a person.

I am only a child, but I know that we all
is part of a large family, which consists of more
from 5 billion, consisting of 30 million families and we all share
air, water and soil on the same planet - borders and governments
will not change this.

I am only a child yet I know that we
all in this together and we should unite
for the same purpose.

Although angry, but I'm not blind, and though scared, I do not
hesitate to tell the world what I feel.

In my country, we make so much waste. We
buy something and then throw away, buy and then discard.
Although it remains only countries in the North will not share
with those in need.
Even when we have more than enough, we feel afraid to
lose some of our wealth, we are afraid to share.

In Canada we have a comfortable life, with clothing, food
and shelter - we have watches, bicycles,
computers and television sets.

Two days ago here in Brazil, we were shocked when we
spend time with children living on the streets. And one
one child told us: "I wish I
rich, and if I'm rich, I will give street children
food, clothing and medicine, shelter, love and compassion
affection. "

If a child on the streets and do not have any,
willing to share, why are we who have everything still
so greedy?

I can not stop thinking that these children aged
same with me, that place of birth you can make a difference
is so great, that I could be one of the
children who live in Favellas in Rio, I could be a child
the famine in Somalia; a victim of war in the Middle East or
beggars in India.

I am only a child, but I know that if all
money spent on war is used to reduce the level of
poverty and finding environmental answers, what a
beautiful would this world.

At school, even in kindergarten, you teach us to
doing good. You taught us not to fight with
others, to seek a way out, clean up the mess
we caused, to not hurt other creatures, to
share and not be greedy. Then why did you then do the
you taught us so it should not be done?

Do not forget why you are attending this conference, why would you
do this - we are children of you all. You sekalianlah
who decides, what kind of world would we live. Parents
its supposed to give comfort to their children with
said, "Everything will be fine, 'we do
The best we can do and this is not the end of
everything. "

But I do not feel that you can say that
to us again. Are we even on your priority list
all? My dad always says, "You will always be remembered for
deeds, not by your words. "

So, what you do makes me cry at night.
You adults say you love us. I
Your challenge, try to realize those words.

So and thank you for your attention.

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