New Planets Outside Solar System

Two astronomers have captured the "appearances" a collection of alien planets outside the Solar system.Allegedly berjaran planet trillions of miles from earth, three of them orbiting the same star.
"This is the first step to understand whether there are other planets like Earth and whether we can live there," commented Bruce Macintosh of Lawrence Livermore National Lab, one of the astronomers who photographed the image.
Together with his team he uses two telescopes, while the other team to produce images from the Hubble Space Telescope captures images of the usual outer Solar System. For 13 years, scientists have menemuka more than 300 planets outside our Solar System.
Advanced Studies
According to NASA space scientist, Ed Weiler, all fioto-image the planet's very important. In a press conference, Weiler said the findings complement the goals of NASA with the Hubble telescope project of his since 1990 /
Other astronomy scientists argue that the findings of a new planet of the photo needs to be studied further, is it true that a new planet or just a normal star. Hubble im comparing the photo with photo shots Hubble in 2006 and 2004.

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