Dolls on the walls

Unsolved mystery - Since i can remember, this is the yuckiest doll story i have ever heard.

Her name was cathy, she had a doll. long blonde hair, she stood 9 inches tall. one day cathy was playing with her friend, as they were chatting, and ranting about her doll again.

the doll itself was hard to turn, within a mirror, it looked charred and burned. little cathy still loved to play, although her parents threw the doll away.

years went by, cathy grew. the loss of her doll was nothing new. her 18th birthday, with no cares, she tripped her mother down the stairs.

she took her daddys one last breath, and shook a knife up at his death. cathy killed them, they had to fall, she did it for her long lost doll.

next the cravings came to her, to make mommy and daddys brains dessert. she hoysted them up, with nails and a hook, deceased dolls on the walls, ready to cook.

she played with them first, as if still alive, then engaged in her thirst, drinking blood that had died. as this did just happen, the phone started to ring, cathy picked it up abrupt, a voice started to sing.

it was her beloved doll of old, right there on the telephone... the room started getting cold, cathys skin a greenish overtone. the doll demanded that she cut her own wrists, cathy repromanded, but "it is you that started this".

the phone just went blank, as did cathys stare, next the front door was cranked, right up in the air. there stood the doll, so delightful to cathy. it made its way closer, as it started its slashing.

cathy screamed out,"but i love you so", the doll then gleemed about, "ive come for your soul". she looked at her parents, and realized what she had done. but it was far too late, bloodfilled tears had over-run.

...the doll still lives, and strives when you want it to, but never re-tell the cathy is waiting, watching, and wanting a new doll like you...

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