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unsolved mystery - It began with the Mayan calendar - a startling astrological artifact that reaches its end point in the year 2012. As major spiritual traditions, independent researchers, and archaeological findings all point toward this date as a critical moment in human history, readers everywhere are starting to ask the same question: What will happen in 2012? For the first time, the leading authorities on the 2012 phenomenon are all given voice in a single book: 2012 - An invaluable resource for readers who want to learn more about this time of change, this fascinating book features essays from dozens of prominent thinkers, including: Gregg Braden's examination of the scientific evidence for a shift in the earth's magnetic field - and how it will affect all life; Barbara Marx Hubbard's and Peter Russell's explorations of the "accelerating pace of evolution" - why we may literally be transforming into a new species; John Major Jenkins' journey to the source for answers: the original Mayan calendar.

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I've watched many documentaries concerning the 2012 phenomenon and am very interested in the history and the science of all of it. I'm not too interested in the new-age stuff. Hence, my 3 star review...

I got this book expecting more of the history and the science. There are several chapters that discuss the history of the Mayan calendar and the various other historical societies that have pointed to the date of 12/21/2012. There are a few chapters that cover the science of the galactic alignment and the movement of the heavenly bodies through space and time. All of these I found to be very interesting and informative.

The majority of the book covers the warm-and-fuzzies of this approaching date; the "oneness" of mankind, the universal love type view of what we can do to make the date a good thing. Problem is, we don't know that the date will be bad. I'm not a "new-age" kind of guy, but I don't mind reading about it. These sections were interesting if not somewhat off the mark for me personally.

Still, the read was interesting on the whole and I can recommend it to anyone that has a genuine interest in the 2012 period of history. Don't expect any physics or major historical explanations, but you can expect to be informed from every angle.

I think, in the end, the fact that this book really does take the time to view this coming date from every angle, every viewpoint from the physical to the spiritual to the historical, that I lean toward a higher rating becuase, at the least, it is fair in providing a fair and balanced look at the topic.

But, if all you want is the history or the scientific, keep on looking; trust me, you don't want to wade through the "fluff" for the few facts.

Good luck!
I have since read The 2012 Story by John Major Jenkins and would recommend this read to those who want the history, archaeology, astronomy (without the hocum) and science behind the date. This is a much more throrough, although somewhat slanted by the author's opinion (but not so much so that it ruins the book), look at the "practical" story of the Mayans and their calendar. Enjoy! 

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