Amazing Stone ball in South America

The Moeraki Boulders is an amazing ball of rock and they remind me a lot in the mysterious people who can be found in South America or some European countries.
moeraki boulders 1

Unlike the mysterious ball of the South American archaeologists have no reasonable explanation, that is something different. They formed round stones on the seabed sediments in a process similar to the process of pearl creation.
moeraki boulders 2
moeraki boulders 3
moeraki boulders 4
moeraki boulders 5
moeraki boulders 6
moeraki boulders 7
moeraki boulders 8
moeraki boulders 9
moeraki boulders 10
They have formed a ball for thousands of years and it is amazing how almost perfect shape like those made by man not by nature. Some of them are quite large and about 3 feet in diameter. They can be found large stones at the Beach Koekohe in New Zealand.

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