Baby-tailed Three Centimeters

Citizens District District Overseer Hedgehogs, West Kalimantan, dihebohkan with the birth of a baby who is rumored to have a three-centimeter long tail. Cash, this news makes people come flocking Foreman Health Center where the baby is born.
"Until now the Puskesmas Foreman was still crowded, the people from other villages also come to see the baby," said Mariwan, Toho District Villagers Sambora, who claimed to come to the Overseer.
Mariwan even had time to capture the infant's condition with a camera cell phone. She said the baby's condition was dire with the tail.
Head of Puskesmas Foreman, Sri Supartinah, which confirmed Tribune deplored a growing issue. He denied the baby-like animals and have tails.
"This baby is disabled, do not have the cranium, so that his brain was sitting outside. The eyes and nose is not perfect. While other physical such as hands and feet are also not normal. We can not conclude that the baby's condition is like, "he said.
Sri said, the baby weighing 3 kilograms was born from the womb Asui (17), in the village of Stabar through the village midwife. The first baby is now undergoing treatment at the health center is now foreman.
In order to remain in stable condition, the clinic put in an incubator with oxygen rock. Milk is given through a tube into the mouth of this poor baby.
"We already provide care to these infants. To give her milk had to be given through a tube, "he said.
The cost of infant care is fully covered by the local government through a program Jamkesda Hedgehogs. Because her parents are very concerned about the economy. They live in a small house measuring 4 × 4 thatched leaves. Both rely on living from farming and fetched the sap.
Dami (22), these unique baby's father claimed to have never had any inkling when his wife was pregnant. In fact, she diligently checked the ingredients into the village midwife.
"I'm sad to see it, wish it was a healthy child like other children. If he was alive what if the big day, when conditions are like that, "complained Dami.

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