The Mystery of Easter Island

Speculation and theories surround the history of Easter Island, which leaves a sort of mystery about the island.

Some believe that people came from somewhere else on the island and built in brightness and statues, but some people feel were the work of disturbed minds, elephants, or extra-UFO was responsible. Then there Rongorongo tablets can be opened in different ways, depending on who is doing the investigation.

Who made the statues that stand on Easter Island and how did they get to this remote island to make the pieces of art that attract attention from all over the world. A Dutch captain discovered the statues in 1722 on Easter Day. The statues weigh tons and reach 30 feet tall. How could people with no means to heavy lifting equipment carve these statues? How could elephants have helped build these statues when no signs of elephant remains are found on the 10-mile wide by 15 mile long island.

Although no one knows the right answer, some have speculated that the only way for these statues to be constructed was from above by extra-terrestrials. They would have the means to use laser beams to carve the rock into statues. However, some feel that the Polynesians traveled by canoes to the island and built the statues. It is said that they were stuck there and couldn't leave so the long ear people became the rulers and the other short-eared people were the workers that created the statues. Therefore, most of the statues have long ears and only a few display short ears.

The statues appeared to be carved out of the side wall of the volcano and then rolled to the bottom of the volcano where they were hoisted upright by the estimated 11,000 islanders. Then it is said that after depleting the islands resources to survive, they resulted to cannibalism.

Putting elephants and Polynesians aside, there is another form of life that could have preformed the task from above and not needed any pulleys or carving tools. The long ears could be a characteristic of the form of life from space that we know nothing about. They could have used Easter Island as a way to develop their skills with laser beams. They could have constructed the statues elsewhere and placed them on earth as a way of declaring the earth their new takeover.

It may not be possible to ever discover the truth about Easter Island. Mystery and speculation is what we have now, which varies so much and sometimes does not even may sense. However, one does not know for sure who the statues are supposed to represent. Once someone determines who the statue resembles, then maybe someone can say for sure who is responsible for the mystery of Easter Island.

Until then, it no one will ever know for sure if it was aliens from outer space that are responsible and the only ones that could have the resources to make such large and heavy statues of this type.

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