UFO Sightings In Wisconsin

image What could be the explanation for these sightings if it is not alien related?
Almost every state in the United States has UFO sightings, but one in particular has had many sightings that concentrate in smaller communities
Wisconsin has had many UFO reports, but none have been confirmed. Yes, Wisconsin has many towers, airports and fireworks unusual, but what about the reports of strange lights in the sky appear to move? Is it possible that UFOs are visiting the state of Wisconsin in less populated areas of the state?

Many of the recounts are absolutely flawless when being described. Many of the reports have come from more than one or two people. How can one deny the existence of something in the sky when so many people have the encounters? Are there spaceships, unusual lights or aliens that visit the areas to see how we live or to find human specimens.

One such incident happened on April 14, 2008 in Barron County around Highway 53. Not only were the lights and objects seen by a family traveling on the highway, three deputies on duty saw them that night as well. The incidents were logged in the police reports. Although the Rice Lake airport is in the area, surveillance cameras that show some of Highway 53 did not reveal anything unusual. There was however a plane doing touch and go landings. However, the family described something that was not characteristic of a plane and the same held true for the deputies.

Although this is just one of the reports from Wisconsin, it shows that not only are regular every day people seeing these strange occurrences, but law enforcement have stated that they to have seen the strange happenings. What did all these people see that night? Why did the craft hover around them as they were driving? What would have happened if any one of these people had exited their vehicles to watch the show? Would they still be here today?

No other reports have ever been filed about UFOs, but that does not mean that more people did not see this sighting that night or other sightings. Are people just closed mouth about what they see for fear of being ridiculed by people or are they afraid of what they saw?

Why do the strange lights and objects keep showing themselves to people? Do they want us to know that they could take action against us any day or any time? Are they studying the way we react to fear or curiosity? Maybe they are looking for certain people and do not bother with the people they see because they are not what they are looking for. We will never know because they might find that person they are looking for, take them and they are never heard from again.

Some people survive alien abductions and tell their stories, but how many people never come back to tell their stories? You will never know who 
might be next.

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