Lincoln, England - the New Jerusalem ?

Unsolved mystery.- No serious catalogue of world mysteries would be complete without the inclusion of the historical Knights Templar, the Order of warrior monks who may be the guardians of a secret location containing the Holy Grail, a term that has now moved away from being simply a dish from the Last Supper to, instead, a secret that could expose deliberate religious and political cover-ups throughout history...the search for this truth rather like seeking out a needle in a historical haystack..
A Knights Templar
The Knights Templar were formed in 1118 to defend Jerusalem and had a reputation second to none until 1306 when King Phillip of France who had wanted to join this rich and powerful Order, to whom he owed a large sum of money, had been refused . His envious and jealous response to being unable to join and to continue owing the money, was to trump up charges against the Templars claiming they were blasphemous, devil worshippers - especially of worshipping a strange head - and sexual deviants, the Order consequently being persecuted, prosecuted and dissolved. In 1144 The Hospitallers of St John of  Jerusalem, something of an offshoot of Knights Templar, were created to protect Christian pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem, faring better until they disbanded in 1540.
The enduring attraction of interest in all things Templar is owed to a persistent belief that at some point in their evolution a hidden function of the Templars were given the duty of protecting a great secret which researchers have usually claimed has it roots in France, and more recently, Scotland, but it may now be that the biggest secret of all has been saved to last, and is beginning to unfold at the Gothic Cathedral of Lincoln where Templar Preceptories once where at nearby Temple Bruer, Willoughton near Gainsborough,South Witham and Aslackby near Sleaford.

Lincoln - the New Jerusalem?

Temple Bruer
Discoveries during the Crusades intimate that the Knights Templar were the missing link in a chain of transmission of secret architectural knowledge and that they were greatly instrumental in the specific design and building of certain Europena Gothic Cathedrals to exemplify the principles of Sacred Geometry, a resonance with divine harmony in the numerical construct of design, stone decorations being astrological in nature with hermetical symbology abound.
At Lincoln Cathedral there is even reason to believe that the magnificent Rose Window is actually a 'Star Clock' - an atlas of the Northern constellations, numerous symbology within the Cathedral apparently drawing attention to the Dog Star, Sirius. At the scene of The Last Supper, at the Great East Window, instead of there being a cup or bread upon Christ's platter, we see a dog!

Dog on the platter, Great East Window, Lincoln Cathedral
An aerial view of the Cathedral shows it to be in the shape of the Cross of Lorraine, the original insignia employed by the Templars as a device. A Code in the Cathedral dubbed 'The Lincoln Da Vinci Code' now reveals links with the global mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, complete with a precise location within the Cathedral grounds that may well contain the famed and historical lost treasure of the Templars, thought to have legendary Grail connections.

Lincoln Cathedral sacred geometry

The Cross of Lorraine
Only a few miles away from this location is the puzzling place name and small village of Jerusalem. Not surprisingly, there is no other place name like it in Britain, and Lincolnshire's local libraries, Council archaeologists and even the Internet are at a loss of information to explain why it should be so named! ( A person tracing their ancestors confirmed its existence at least as far back as 1436). One possible explanation is that it has something to do with Jewish settlers, as Lincoln was in fact home to one of the most important Jewish communities in England, being well established before noted in 1154, until their ignominous expulsion in 1290.

Author Dan Green visits Jerusalem

It is believed that even the Catherdal was at one point in monetary debt to their money lenders, and St Hugh, Patron Saint of the Cathedral, was famed for his defence of the Jews.
The only other probability is that the village had some Templar connection, especially when we bear in mind the full title of the offshoot Hospitallers. Most lately, concerning the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery, much fuss has been made with the announcement of a maquette, a model map showing two locations,and which was allegedly commissioned by key figure, the priest Berenger Sauniere, two years before his death in 1917. French researchers have been quick to claim that the maquette shows landscape around the region of Rennnes-le-Chateau, but have turned a blind eye to the title of the is 'Jerusalem'. Clearly, it does not show the Holy city in the Middle East that the Templars were created to defend. What if the reference is to the mysteriously named Jerusalem in Lincoln? Ancient maps of Lincolnshire are now being investigated to overlay the maquette to see if indeed it will lead to the 'Lincoln Da Vinci Code' suspected Templars treasure location. It is also interesting to note, that in Roman times, like Jerusalem, Lincoln was an actual walled 'city'.'


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