Bentwaters UFO sightings

There have been many UFO sightings in American history, as some of the famous ones such as Area 51 Roswell, Belgian UFO wave, and the Battle for Los Angeles, are all extremely well-known UFO sightings. However, amongst these top tier famous sightings lies another unsolved UFO mystery, and that is the case of the Bentwater sightings, more commonly known as Rendlesham Forest incident. It is coined Rendlesham Forest due to the unexplained sightings, lights, and alleged landings of multiple unknown crafts from an unknown entity. The Rendlesham Forest located in Suffolk England, was the primary a victim of these sightings during the later end of December in 1980.

 As many ufologists consider it Britain's Roswell, many believe this is the most infamous case of sightings ever seen within England. Suspiciously enough, England's Ministry of Defense chose not to investigate the scene nor the incidents, as it was believed that it posed no serious threat to the security of the area or the nation. There were apparently two main dates of which the sightings went on, December 26 and 28. December 26, during the early hours of the day there was an apparent report of unusual lights spotting into the Rendlesham Forest. One serviceman by the name of Sgt. Jim Penniston claimed in his report that it was an unknown craft from somewhere unknown. Currently, Penniston's report of the incident shows no such claim and was not dated nor signed, as many believe this was the governments attempt to cover up what had truly gone on. However, even though the Jim Penniston's claim is covered, there were a massive amounts of calls that were sent to the Ministry of Defense from Orford Ness lighthouse, where individuals claimed to have seen an unusual light. Furthermore, during this period of time, many farm animals were unexpectedly acting in a state of panic. Only two days later during the early hours of December 28, some individuals reported seeing a flashing light into the field to the east, as many thought it was in alignment of the farmhouse that was prevalent two days prior. That night there were reports of unusually bright stars in the sky to the north and south of which case the brightest of them all was an apparent beam. There are apparently multiple video takes that were taken of the incident, however, the tapes have not been found nor made public ever since.

Since the apparent incidents, there have been later studies and findings that indicate that the sightings that underwent on December 26 and 28 were of top-notch concern to be covered up by both the British and American governments. As the American and British governments both went to exponentially extensive lengths in order to cover up the apparent incidents from ever occurring, the Rendlesham Forest was a scenario that will remain a mystery to man for many years to come. 

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