living things and non living things, is there any other state

This is a very interesting question from a person of your scientific talent. I see that you have a keen visual sense which lets you enjoy art and crafts and you are also blessed with an auditory sense that yearns for that perfect sound. That magical note…..

Your judgments have guided well in your life and it will. So now we come to your question – “there are living things and non living things, is there any other state”

I am afraid Michael there is. This is neither the souls nor the spirits. It is something much beyond, yet so common. It fills our very thought and existence. It is this that has guided you through your projects and you saw solutions coming to you. If you visualize carefully and listen to your mind you will see that most of the results you saw were not just brain work nor was it the work of the soul/spirit. It covers you like a sheath, both the living and the non living. It is one with it, so it seems, but it stands apart. Just like a cube of ice submerged in water is not visible, yet it exists separate in all qualities.

You see this is the actual state, the living and the non living is just incarnations of this state to satisfy the human intellect. Once the thin fabric is removed there exist not the two states but just one state. You can have the qualities of an artist, a musician and a scientist all at the same time, but you still are one person, you see you are Michael. For an observer your roles vary. In the same way there is just one state [I am sorry, for I can take no name for it] the living and the non living are just manifestations of the state so that it can co exist. Your body has both living and non-living tissues at the same time, but we consider the human body to be alive but as we zoom in and see the dead cells we call it non living and living cells. So when we zoom out the living and the non-living and every thing else merge into one state. 

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