Colonizing the Moon, Who's to Stop You? a nation, an Agency, a consortium, goes back to the moon with the plan of sending the resources there to slowly build up enough infrastructure, to mine and process the oxygen, hydrogen, helium, and heavy metals to create an eventual near self sustaining outpost, possibly a full self sustaining Base? The incentive would be finding this somewhat fictitious isotope of helium that could be valuable for energy production, Helium 3.
The Russians take this notion seriously from what I hear, and NASA is not ignoring their interest.

We need another space race, enter China, Japan, India, and of course our friends in Europe.

Who succeeds and who bails from the initial commitment investment should deside the benefits, who's to say they have any right to trump claims? Who's to say a dichotomy says it isn't ones' right. But 'the claimants'? I always understood the land grabbers that defended their claim in history kept that what they conquered.

Of what grounds does the idea stand on that no nation, consortium, or group, cannot do what they are capable of on extraterrestrial bodies in space? How much common sense does that make? It's like saying I can build a Mercedes, and my neighbor can only build a Yugo, yet I have to let him use my Mercedes? That's no incentive for discovery!

If you have interest, this thread is a knee-jerk reaction to a documentary called "Moon for Sale". 

It's quite long video, view it you choose. My focus is the idea of ownership, and the idea if you have it an nobody else can take it, isn't it yours?

OK, How does one post a Google video, apparently its not the same way as a Youtube?
Regarding the legal part, laws will change or be ignored to reflect the realities of power. I think laws are a way to clarify the boundaries for all parties to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

Would it be cheaper to build a fusion power plant on the moon and use lasers to transfer the energy back to Earth or would it be cheaper to send the helium isotope back to Earth?

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