Hollow Earth - Is Agartha a Real City?


Many cultures around the world have myths and legends based on the idea that the Earth is hollow. From the ancient Greeks believing in the Underworld and some cultures even believing that hell itself really is a fiery place beneath the Earth’s surface.
To modern beliefs that great kingdoms exist down below, there has always been speculation about hollow Earth theories. supposedly, there are subterranean cities beneath the Earth’s surface, wherein many strange races of people live.  Some, of course, believe that UFO’s come from these cities, where they were built by engineers with advanced technology.
Agartha is believed by some to be the name of an underground city.  Many of the inhabitants are descended from humans who once lived on the Earth’s surface.  According to legend, ancient Atlanteans and Lemurians fled underground during times of war and built great cities.  Today, their descendants still exist underground.  Some even say that another legendary city, Shamballa, is the capital city of Agartha.
How did the ancients manage to make it underground?  And how do the UFO’s find their way out?  Some legends suggest that there are entrances all around the Earth.  These places are all famous landmarks or monuments: Kentucky Mommoth Cave in KY, Himalayan Mountains in Tibet (which is also allegedly the location of the long lost Shamballa), Pyramid of Giza in Egypt,
North Pole, South Pole, King Solomon’s Mines, Rama in India, and many other places.
Speaking of India, there are still some people who believe in a subterranean race of snake-like people who dwell in other underground cities, and who often wage war on Agartha. These snake-like beings, who are known as “Nagas”, supposedly despise humans a great deal and kidnap, torture, and eat us.
Many psychics and mediums over the years claim to have channeled information from hollow Earth dwellers.  Conspiracy theorists believe that even politicians are well aware of these underground cities.  It’s even been rumored that Hitler once planned on sending researchers to Antarctica to find the entrance!
While most scientists and archaeologists find hollow Earth ideas to be absurd and silly, there are still many who believe that there may be something behind all the legends and myths. After all, gravity and the Earth’s mass themselves wouldn’t be as they are if the Earth was really hollow.  If the Earth really is mainly hollow, it would have a much lower mass and gravity would be much less than it currently is.

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