Mysterious Marks Near Dunhuang, China

There are some mysterious marks which some call airports near the ancient city of Dunhuang in Gansu Province, I believe. I will provide solid evidence that these are nothing like an airport that I have ever heard of and I am a retired engineering manager and a pilot.
If one goes to Google earth an enters the latitude and longitude provided on the bottom of the first image, you can move the cursor around and see that the marks are not built up in elevation as an airport would be. Road graders and compactors are needed to pack a field sufficiently to safely take the extreme pressure that landing gears make at times. Any yielding of the dirt would cause the plane to spin out of control. Of course, there are no support buildings or taxiways to parking areas.

How old is this Chinese landing strip on the left?  Click on this last image to enlarge.
I am a retired engineer doing research with Google Earth. I analyzed image of the "Chinese Airport". The total outside perimeter of the left (west) airport is 22360.6 feet, somewhat precisely the square root of 5. The outer perimeter of the dark section is 22360.6 / 16 / A  where A= E -1 = 1.718281828, the fractal portion of natural log base E. I seriously doubt anybody in modern times would design anything like that.
One may also see that common truck traffic has made tracks out across a number of the marks and therefore it cannot be paved or a prepared surface. If the marks were graded and compacted, they would be nearly perfectly level lengthwise and side to side. When tracing the contour with GE they still show the general contour of the area around them.
Water erosion on the west mark indicates that this desert area was once quite a bit moister and the marks were already there during heavy rains or snow runoff. Even the darker colored areas which one might be tempted to think are paved show signs of erosion.
For higher resolution, click on the image below:
There are some simple considerations to prove the designs are inter-related. The left mark has the perimeter traced in green and the center likewise in yellow. Both of these perimeters are 22360.6 feet in length, plus or minus a few feet. The red line connecting the SW corner of the east mark with the center angle of the NW mark is also this same length, which most people will realize is the square root of 5 = 2.236068. This is also the source number for the sacred number of phi (1.618033989) used repeatedly in natural events.
Then I have also shown using orange that the right mark points at the left end of the northwest angle mark. The distance is 4000 x pi = 12,566.37 plus or minus a few feet. Then too I have marked in purple some lines indicating the left mark is probably pointing at events in the center mark. All these events cannot be accidental. But there are far too many mathematical relationships being developed using AutoCAD and MathCAD software to describe no and they will be dealt with later.
I am not at all certain why the center and the right mark show up so brightly on Google earth but I have seen this type of phenomena before and it could be something in the Google software that causes it to be so pronounced. But there actually are some patterns in both of those marks that resemble bar coding systems which I will develop later.
The purpose of this article is to remain simple and not bore people with complex mathematics. The marks below are just east and west of the huge marks above.

These marks could contain an encyclopedia of data if one breaks the coding. The near square in the bottom left is not only oriented true north at an azimuth of 360 degrees (also zero) but the length is 2777.77 feet which is the reciprocal of 36 times 10,000. This seems likely some type of signal to provide methodologies for more complex solutions.
One might wonder why I am using feet instead of meters, and the answer is simple… works. There could be other systems in metric units, but I have not discovered them yet. The pattern on the bottom right is yielding some mind boggling relationships. Note the water erosion across some of the pattern, again indicating it could be really ancient.
I am not trying to indicate that these patterns are necessarily derived from anything like ancient aliens or even abnormal human abilities like savants. I am just trying to provide insight into the design. I fully expect that the ultimate solutions will provide convincing evidence as to what type of intelligence put them there. 

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