The Victoria Theater: Dayton Ohio

Unsolved Mystery.-Dayton Ohio is best known as the birthplace of aviation, and perhaps a little bit more obscure, for the electric automotive starter, and the cash register.  Besides its history of innovation and progress in modern industry, Dayton has a few more equally interesting stories.  In the heart of downtown there is a lovely old theater called the Victoria.  Closed several times over the years, and turned into a movie house for a short time in the 60's the theater is now restored to its former ornate beauty.   The theater is once again active with numerous theatrical productions and concerts throughout the year.  There are at least two ladies, however, who would argue that the theater has continuously been active.
Some time in the theater's early years, a young woman was attacked in one of the upper boxes during a performance.  In the darkness and as the music peaked, she was murdered.  While the spirit of this young woman has only been seen a few times since, there have been instances reported, where gentlemen have entered the theater box only to be slapped hard across the face.  Of course no one is ever found in the box, but the phantom hand strikes so hard that it leaves a bright red welt on the face of the gentleman.
A sudden and powerful sent of roses has frequently caught visitors and patrons by surprise.  In several instances they are even more startled, when the sent is accompanied by a vision of a young woman in a beautiful gown.  Paying little attention to anyone, and after just a few seconds she vanishes into the shadows of the theater.  The legend suggests that she was an actress  who left the stage for what was intended to be only a few minutes, but vanished never to be heard from again.  While this incident is said to have occurred at the turn of the century, the mystery remains unsolved to this day.]

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