Did another vehicle land on Mars?

Unsolved Mystery .-Continued surveillance turned up even more startling evidence, however. By July 15, NASA found photographic evidence that a vehicle had landed on the Martian surface, close to Pathfinder itself.

Four distinct depressions in the Martian soil clearly resemble the four "legs" of some sort of craft where it would have landed on the surface.

Even more astonishing, picture experts found proof of utility lines running just within the surface. The proof was in images previously published to the public.

“We knew there were anomalies in the photograph, but we let people think they were caused by the seam between photographs we stitched together into one image,” my source explained. “Now that we look at the anomalies again, they can only be explained by the presence of power lines.” 

This photograph was released to the public, letting them believe the anomaly was nothing more than the seam where two different photographs were stitched together.


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