The Central City Opera House

Unsolved mystery.-Once known as the "Richest Square Mile on Earth" Central City was the largest city in the early years of Colorado's development.  Central City was not only the economic center of Colorado in the 1860s and 1870's, it was also the cultural center of the territory. 

One of the more famous landmarks in the old mining town is the Central City Opera House. Here, some of Colorado's finest troupes of entertainers performed, and some have stayed on to perform in the spectral light of the hereafter.  One such spirit is that of Mike Dougherty, a miner turned accomplished stage performer, and a favorite in the territory of 1865.  Unfortunately, and like many residence of this rough and tumble frontier town, Dougherty drank himself to death.  Apparently Mike's love of the stage has caused him to linger.  
Over the years, numerous back-stage visitors have reported being nearly  overwhelmed with the strong (but fleeting) odor of alcohol sometimes accompanied by a stout nudge on the shoulder, or their hair being lightly ruffled from behind.  While Dougherty seems to be a friendly ghost, the living are always considerably startled when they turn to look and realize that they are alone in the darkened corridor.  
Other reported occurrences have included strange flickering orbs of light that seem to float across a darkened stage and then vanish into the wings. The distinct sound of footsteps in the balcony, thought to be those of a long departed female patron, and the presence of an occasional cold spot that moves from one corner to the next backstage.  Nearly all of these occurrences have been reported when the theater is dark (not in use for performances.)

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